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Enabling Clients to Sharpen Their Business Focus


The objective for IAA's business has never been growth for the sake of growth.  IAA has been committed to only growing the business to the extent that we have opportunities with clients that fit our profile.  The partners' philosophy is that if we find potential employees who have the right skills, work ethic, professional characteristics and personal values, then we will hire those people.


IAA believes that the most important quality that an IT professional should  look for when assessing future employers is how well your professional and personal goals match with the opportunities provided by that employer.  The key is to evaluate and understand what is important to you both personally and professionally.  Once you are comfortable with your priorities, then you can evaluate potential employers against those criteria.

IAA takes the same approach - we look for prospective employees whose values and priorities are consistent with those of the firm.  This only makes sense.  We want to hire people who will be happy as IAA employees so that they will be successful.  There is no benefit, to the firm or the recruit to hire someone who will not be successful in this type of environment.  Quite honestly, it wastes both your time and our time.

We are always looking for bright, motivated people.  We never turn down the opportunity to add the right person to our team even when we don't have a specific opening available.  Other times we actively search for new team members -- To view current job openings Click Here.
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Is Consulting Right for You?
Deciding on a career is one of the most difficult choices you can make, whether you are looking to change jobs or coming directly out of school.  By reviewing these questions, it may help you to evaluate perspective employers:
What kind of work do I want to do?
Do I prefer a variety of work or more of the same?
How much change do I want?
What type of compensation package do I want?
How important is location?
Do I want to travel ?  How frequently? Where?
Do I want flexible hours or a more rigid structure?
Am I willing to work weekends, if necessary?
Am I interested in a job that provides balance between work and family?
Is the size of the company and its image important?
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