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Our Products
The products listed here are part of a growing portfolio that focuses on niche areas that lack affordable solutions in the marketplace.   Our entire suite of products are easy to learn, easy to manage, and priced to accommodate our client's budgetary requirements.   All of our products provide flexible, scalable solutions that can be easily and quickly adapted to keep up with the constantly changing business environment.



Denial Reporting - HCFA 1500 EOB Generator A/R Ledger Document Repository
Designed to provide analyses of denied charges on HCFA 1500 claims for Medicare and any other third-party payors, such as Medicaid or Blue Shield, from whom electronic remittance can be received.  DRS can be an important component of the increasingly critical denial management process.

 A web-based application designed to retrieve, display, and product EOBs based on HCFA 1500 remittance information from Medicare as well as other third-party payors, such as Medicaid or Blue Shield, from whom electronic remittance is received.

A web-based application designed to retrieve and display permanently stored A/R Ledger documents.  The system utilizes the Document Management Server, a product developed by IAA.

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Refund Manager All Payor Log Rotation Tracking
Designed to capture and manage information for both hospital and clinic refund tickets.  The system will export approved refunds for interface with patient accounting and accounts payable.  In addition, check information from accounts payable can be interfaced into Refund Manager for complete tracking of refund status.


A web-based application that captures detailed billing and payment information to generate logs for any third party payor, allowing the provider to product more accurate contractual allowances and conduct on-line historical audit research.


Designed to capture, analyze, report, and submit intern and resident rotation information for one or more provider facilities.



Supplemental Billing Claim Repair Document Management Server
A web-based application that analyzes Medicare remittance and automatically produces all identified third-party payor supplemental claims and associated EOBs.

A web-based application that automatically corrects known billing issues on HCFA 1500 claims prior to loading into an electronic billing application.  Corrections can include combining claims and/or lines when possible, splitting claims when necessary, modifier and TOS changes and other payor specific requirements.

The Document Management Server is a web-based application designed to allow for storage and retrieval of documents with user-defined document types, document groups, and keywords.  The DMS allows the management of any kind of computerized file.  In addition, the scanning interface allows your organization to move to a paperless office environment through the assignment of document specific keywords during the scanning process.


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